Monday, November 19, 2012

Bowl Games - where will the Tigers end up

Well the end of the season is almost here. Each football team has battled all season long to get the best bowl game that they can. The last two weeks of games have had results that nobody would have ever of guessed. We have seen underdogs pull through and several might teams fall from the top. With Clemson only having one loss so far,  they will have a great bid at achieving a high quality bowl game.  Unfortunately with FSU beating Maryland (who's surprised?), that means that Clemson will not have a chance to be the ACC champions for a second year in a row, but the Tigers will get the chance for the Sugar Bowl. If the Tigers beat the USC Gamecocks, and also having only one loss against a top team, it will give them their first bid in a long time to the Sugar Bowl. If the Tigers do play in the Bowl, there is a strong chance they will be competing against either Alabama or Georgia. Either team will be a great face-off between the teams. A Clemson vs. Georgia game would be inviting for the bowl game. The two teams have some bitter history between them, which would make for one exciting game.

 If Clemson happens to lose to the Gamecocks (but we won't), chances are they would end up playing in the Gator Bowl. While there is still several unknown factors that go into deciding bowl games, Clemson Tigers are looking promising.

If Clemson would have beaten FSU, there would have been a slight chance we would be in the National Championship talk. So close! With the end of an amazing season so close. Next year's season is starting to become an increasingly more important matter. With the spectacular recruiting class Clemson has lined-up, and still more time to recruit, Clemson might be a huge competitor for a National Championship team next year!

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