Sunday, November 11, 2012

Maryland recap.

taken by Ken Lund
After the Maryland "game" (I wouldn't call it a game), there are a few things that the Clemson recruiting staff can get out of it. There were a lot of the same problems that the Tigers face every game. With a win of 45-10, and only three turnovers, the coaching staff cannot be too disappointed in the way the offense performed. If you took a look at any game recap, you will notice a lot of offensive players highlighted, and almost no important defensive plays
Maryland was using there 5th string quarterback. That is not a typo. They have been plagued with injuries this season. Shawn Petty, a transformed linebacker, was behind the helm as the Maryland's quarterback on Saturday against the Tigers. This game was one of the few that the Clemson defense has seem to be worthy of mentioning. The defense even was able to secure a touchdown. They defense held the Terrapins to a lowly 180 total offensive yards.  While this number may seem to be surprising for all you Tiger fans, the staff must keep in mind..It was the 5th string quarterback! Shawn Petty has not played at the position since he was a senior in high-school. While I am as proud of Clemson as the next guy, I believe this was a misleading victory.With that being said, I do not think that is a turn around for the Clemson Tiger defense. I'm sure that next Saturday, we will all see the same old Clemson defense we have grown to know and love. Personally I am hoping that this game might be able to light a fire under the defensive secondary and give them all a boost of confidence that they need to stop the big plays.
Hopefully the staff was still paying attention to the coverage the linebackers and safeties were putting on the Maryland receivers. If Petty would have had the experience of most other FBS quarterbacks, it would have been no problem for him to hit the open receiver for some big plays.

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