Friday, December 28, 2012

Few days away

The big bowl game is almost here! With the big Tiger showdown only a few days away, I'm starting to hear a lot of smack talk coming from the LSU fans. While I will be the first to admit it is going to be a tough game for Clemson, I wouldn't say we are out of the game just yet. The LSU team has already began assuming they are going to win this game hands down, but as we know as Tiger fans, we can do some amazing things with are backs against the wall.
Dabo has hopefully been improving the offensive line that we saw in the game that will not be mentioned at the end of the season. If the offensive line has shaped up and can hold off the impressive LSU defense and give Boyd enough time to hit his open receivers, then the Tigers might just come home with a bowl victory. I know that I would love to see us bring home a great post-season victory and show the nation that we are National championship material.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ryan Jenkins

Clemson is recruiting another player from Georgia. It seems to be a trend in this recruiting class, that we must get the majority of our players from the Peach state. The Tiger's have committed a wide receiver. The player from Lassitter high school has been committed since July and still plans on becoming a Tiger for the next season. Scouts say the player has an impressive ability to change directions and great hands. Jenkins will add another dangerous weapon to the passing game. Jenkins is another one of the great players that have came out of Georgia. The four star recruit was the thirteenth young man to commit to play for Clemson. Jenkins also has an older brother that plays for Clemson, Martin Jenkins. Ryan Jenkins admitted that being close to his brother had a large influence on his college decision.

Chic-Fil-A Bowl here we come

The real Tigers, from the REAL Death Valley, are going to play LSU in the Chic-Fil-A bowl on Dec. 31st at the Georgia dome. With Clemson coming off of a big loss from Carolina, it is going to be interesting to see how well they recover from it. They have a couple weeks to practice and get prepared with the excellent defense from the LSU team. Both Clemson and LSU have had an impressive year. The majority of experts say that the LSU tigers should pull out a win against Clemson in this bowl game, but if there is one thing we have learned as Clemson Tiger fans....Never count us out of the game. With a hard hitting offense, the LSU defensive team might be surprised to see us marched down the field a time or two. This will be only the third time that these two Tiger teams have ever met, and this game looks to be one of the most promising bowl games of the year. Clemson has a lot to gain by winning this game against a team that is considered to be BCS Championship material.
The Clemson Tiger's season has began and will end at the Georgia dome this year. Hopefully Dabo, Boyd, and the rest of the team will be able to wrestle a huge victory and bring it home to South Carolina.

Friday, November 30, 2012

5 Star linebacker likes Clemson

One of the top linebackers in the nation says he really enjoyed his visit to Clemson. Raekwon McMillan, is one of the most promising linebackers of the 2014 class. The 6'3, 235 lbs. player, from Georgia, took a visit to watch the Tigers play against North Carolina State Wolfpack. He watched Clemson give up 48 points to the Wolfpack, and he was told after the game by coaches that he could be a huge asset to the Clemson Tiger's defensive team. McMillan is only a junior right now in high school, but he is showing great potential to be a defensive leader on the field. This year he had a  total 152 tackles and 22 tackles for a loss. He also recorded 3 sacks and 1 interception.
McMillian was interviewed during his visit at Clemson and asked when he was going to make his final college decision:

“Right now, I am just weighing my options,” he said. “I am definitely going to wait until my senior season and make a decision at one of the all-star games. Right now, I like Ohio St., Clemson, Alabama, Georgia and Notre Dame. Clemson is definitely in the mix.”

McMillan later says that the Clemson trip, which is Grandmother accompanied him on, was one of the best college trips that he has taking and there are several things that make it memorable for him.

Video courtesy of YouTube

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rivalry Weekend Recap: Clemson vs. Gamecocks

Well, it's been two days now, so I think I am finally able to talk about the game...

Showdown Saturday has already come and gone. This was the weekend that all of the teams wait for. Stadiums were filled to maximum capacity. Bitter rivals left it all on the gridiron to battle for bragging rights for another year. The Clemson vs. Carolina game has once again been played in Death Valley, and for all us Clemson fans, there was very little to rejoice about.

Going into the game, the two teams were evenly ranked, and it was anyone's guessed as to who was going bring home the victory. The two teams had similar records, and both teams had some well known key players. Clemson's offensive stars, Watkins, Hopkins, and Boyd went up against Carolina's top notched defense. The Gamecocks went into the game missing a few of their starting players, Connor Shaw, and Marcus Lattimore, and even Clowney was unsure if he would play in the game or not. The Gamecock's second string quarterback, Dylan Thompson played all four quarters of the game, and preformed quite well considering this game was only his second start of his collegiate career.  Both teams had not been preforming to the best of their abilities in their last games, which added even more confusion to the fans and predictions of the game.

The stadium was roaring as the game kicked off. The game started off with a punt by both teams, and then on the next possession the Clemson Tiger's made the first strike with a short touchdown run by Tajh Boyd. Carolina then completed a 13 yard pass which tied the game at 7. Clemson responded with a long run McDowell and then an explosive 43 yard touchdown pass by Boyd to Hopkins. The drive took only 24 seconds for the Tigers to score and give them a 14- 7 lead which ended the first quarter of play. Unfortunately this was one of the last plays that gave Clemson fans anything to cheer about.

The beginning of the second quarter brought a flurry of punts from both teams. The offensives seem to be stalling and the game seem to be slowing down dramatically. About half way through the second quarter Adam Yates hit a 23 yard field goal for South Carolina which made it a 14 - 10 game, with Clemson barely in the lead. After a few plays on the next drive, Boyd threw an interception, the Clemson defense then held the Gamecocks to a three and out and forced them to punt the ball and that ended the first half of play in this rivalry game. The teams went into the locker room with numerous things to change and discuss.

After half time the Clemson team seemed to begin struggling on both sides of the ball. The offensive line were slowly beginning to give ground against Clowney and the rest of the defensive line of the Gamecocks. Boyd did not seem to be up to par against his normal level of play that we have seen all season long. The Tiger's defensive team seem to be able to barely hang on as Thompson began to gain confidence in his passing game, which lead to Carolina scoring a touchdown on their first possession of the half. After Clemson punted them the ball on their next possession, Yates hit another field goal from 43 yards which game them a 20 -14 lead of the Tigers. Clemson then responded with a  37 yard field goal from Catanzaro to bring it to 20 - 17. The next possession for the Gamecocks consisted of short runs and passes which slowly chipped away at the field and ended the third quarter.

In the final quarter of play there was very little to talk about. Both teams had an interception or two, they both traded punts, and the only points scored was a touchdown by the Carolina Gamecocks. The game ended with a score of 17 - 27 with the Gamecocks gaining the win.

There were several things that contributed to the lose of the game for Clemson. The first was Boyd's lack luster performance on Saturday. This was one of the best defensive line's the team has faced all season long. The Clemson offensive line allowed no sacks versus Maryland and NC State, but the Gamecocks had three sacks within the first 30 minuets of play. Clowney set a school record for the number of sacks in one game. This type of pressure is something the Boyd is not used to having to cope with during a game, which led to the Clemson star receivers getting few catches and few yards, aside from the huge Hopkins catch. Without the famous quick striking Tiger offense that is known for moving down the field quicker than any team, it left us at a huge disadvantage. The constant pressure caused him to be forced to throw on the run and scramble out of the pocket more than he was comfortable with. Another factor to consider is the Tiger defense. This is an aspect of Clemson that has not been consistent this season, and this game was no exception. The defense seemed to struggle with being able to stop the Gamecocks from completing play after play. Towards the end of the game the Tiger secondary finally was able to shut down the passes by Thompson, but then they left the field wide open for him to tuck the ball in and run.

With the loss from the game, that means that the Tigers will be playing in the Chic-Fil-A bowl against either LSU or Georgia on December 31st.

While the Tigers did not win, and this is the fourth year in a row. I'm still proud of all the young men that played on the field, and I'm still proud to say I'm a Tiger fan. Dabo and the rest of the coaching staff can promise that next year will have drastically different results.

Fight Tigers! C-L-E-M-S-O-....N!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clemson vs. SCAR

by :willsenior's photostream
The game that we all have been waiting for has finally come. Clemson fans wait all year long for the chance to root their Tigers to victory of the Gamecocks. In just a few short minuets the Tigers will attempt to stop the three year long streak South Carolina has had against the Tigers. From the way that both teams have been playing in the last two games, Clemson looks to have a solid chance of winning against the, Gamecocks. Spurrier said that Shaw is still having some injury troubles and he will be watched closely. With all of the other injuries that USC is facing, it gives another advantage to our Clemson Tigers.

Clemson's explosive offense will be facing a great South Carolina defensive line. There will be a lot of pressure on our offensive line to hold back the famous Clowney and the rest of the defensive line. If the Clemson offensive line can hold of their defensive pushes, Boyd should have no trouble finding an amazing Clemson receiver down-field. The Tiger offensive team should be able blowing past their defensive secondary with ease. Dabo says he has huge confidence in his O-line to stop their blitz. If the Tigers can hold the USC offensive and force them to punt, the Tigers can wrap up a huge victory which will lead them to the Sugar Bowl.

No matter win or lose. Clemson fans are proud either way. Go tigers!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bowl Games - where will the Tigers end up

Well the end of the season is almost here. Each football team has battled all season long to get the best bowl game that they can. The last two weeks of games have had results that nobody would have ever of guessed. We have seen underdogs pull through and several might teams fall from the top. With Clemson only having one loss so far,  they will have a great bid at achieving a high quality bowl game.  Unfortunately with FSU beating Maryland (who's surprised?), that means that Clemson will not have a chance to be the ACC champions for a second year in a row, but the Tigers will get the chance for the Sugar Bowl. If the Tigers beat the USC Gamecocks, and also having only one loss against a top team, it will give them their first bid in a long time to the Sugar Bowl. If the Tigers do play in the Bowl, there is a strong chance they will be competing against either Alabama or Georgia. Either team will be a great face-off between the teams. A Clemson vs. Georgia game would be inviting for the bowl game. The two teams have some bitter history between them, which would make for one exciting game.

 If Clemson happens to lose to the Gamecocks (but we won't), chances are they would end up playing in the Gator Bowl. While there is still several unknown factors that go into deciding bowl games, Clemson Tigers are looking promising.

If Clemson would have beaten FSU, there would have been a slight chance we would be in the National Championship talk. So close! With the end of an amazing season so close. Next year's season is starting to become an increasingly more important matter. With the spectacular recruiting class Clemson has lined-up, and still more time to recruit, Clemson might be a huge competitor for a National Championship team next year!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Austin Droogsma - Highlights

The Clemson Tigers have their eyes on Austin Droogsma, an offensive lineman. The 6'4, 300 lbs. from Gulf Breeze, Florida has shown some serious interest in playing at Death Valley. The offensive guard has also shown mild interest in Miss. State, Florida State, and Georgia Tech. Chad Morris has done an excellent job at showing the impact the football player can have on the Clemson program. He is the #40 offensive guard in the nation. Coaches say he says a lot of potential to be excellent at the collegiate level of play.

These are a few of his highlights from his junior year of high-school. The young man shows a lot of promise and potential. Who knows how great he could be after a few years working with the Clemson Tigers offensive program.

The video is on YouTube, courtesy of GameChangers

Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Honor of Veteran's Day.

In honor of Veteran's Day. Here are two videos of a Clemson Player, who is also a war Veteran. Daniel Rodriguez, who was serving in Iraq when he decided he want to go back to college and be a football player.
This is the story of the brave soldier that decided he wanted to become a Tiger. Very inspirational story for anyone who hasn't heard it. All of the Tiger players and fans are very proud of this young man.

To all of you Veteran's, Thank you.

This is Daniel at the beginning of the Virgina Tech game, which was also Military appreciation day, as he is about to lead the Tigers down the hill. Which is a dream come true for him. These few seconds are some of the most exciting and emotional you will ever see on The Hill.

Neither of these videos belong or were made by me. Obviously.

Missing something?

Do you find yourself wanting more Clemson information? Feeling like your not getting your Tiger fix for the day? ESPN not quite enough for you? Well do I have a solution! Go on over to this blog for some extra stuff you might not be getting from anywhere else! You will not be disappointed!

Maryland recap.

taken by Ken Lund
After the Maryland "game" (I wouldn't call it a game), there are a few things that the Clemson recruiting staff can get out of it. There were a lot of the same problems that the Tigers face every game. With a win of 45-10, and only three turnovers, the coaching staff cannot be too disappointed in the way the offense performed. If you took a look at any game recap, you will notice a lot of offensive players highlighted, and almost no important defensive plays
Maryland was using there 5th string quarterback. That is not a typo. They have been plagued with injuries this season. Shawn Petty, a transformed linebacker, was behind the helm as the Maryland's quarterback on Saturday against the Tigers. This game was one of the few that the Clemson defense has seem to be worthy of mentioning. The defense even was able to secure a touchdown. They defense held the Terrapins to a lowly 180 total offensive yards.  While this number may seem to be surprising for all you Tiger fans, the staff must keep in mind..It was the 5th string quarterback! Shawn Petty has not played at the position since he was a senior in high-school. While I am as proud of Clemson as the next guy, I believe this was a misleading victory.With that being said, I do not think that is a turn around for the Clemson Tiger defense. I'm sure that next Saturday, we will all see the same old Clemson defense we have grown to know and love. Personally I am hoping that this game might be able to light a fire under the defensive secondary and give them all a boost of confidence that they need to stop the big plays.
Hopefully the staff was still paying attention to the coverage the linebackers and safeties were putting on the Maryland receivers. If Petty would have had the experience of most other FBS quarterbacks, it would have been no problem for him to hit the open receiver for some big plays.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Building a defsensive class

taken by Ken Lund
Building a defensive recruiting class after the loss of Robert Nkemdiche. This has been the top issue for Dabo Swinney the last two days. Everyone has been so focused on the comings and goings of the top defensive end, they have failed to notice some of the other notable additions to the Clemson lineup. Clemson has recently added Scott Pagano, the Hawaiian defensive tackle, and also have been trying to coerce Montravius Adams, another defensive tackle into becoming a Tiger. While the Tigers have slowly been chipping away at becoming a top 10 team, it is becoming more challenging for the recruiting staff to keep players away from Alabama, LSU, and Ole Miss. Through the months Clemson has lost several good commits to these other schools. Dabo and his recruiting staff have added several important defensive backs to the depth chart. The staff will be focused heavily on bringing a unstoppable defensive to Death Valley next year. If they get whip the defense into shape, next year the Clemson Tigers can be on of the top ranked teams in the NCAA. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Breaking news on 5 star recruit Robert Nkemdiche!

The soap opera story of Robert Nkemdiche has encountered a new twist. The number one Defensive End recruit has been committed to Clemson University for months, but several weeks ago, his mother's interview cause doubt in the minds of the Clemson staff. The local newspaper interviewed Robert's coach asking about his commitment information, and he confirmed that the young player has officially uncommitted from Clemson University. He says that the final answer was a family decision. The head coach continues on later to say that the Defensive End is still highly interested in becoming a Tiger, but he has an older brother that plays for Ole Miss and he would like to be closer to his family. This issue is something that has been a concern for the Clemson staff ever since Robert's mother got involved in his college decision process. His mother was interviewed after he officially made his decision, which gives a lot of insight into the real issues behind the college choices. This is a difficult pill for Clemson fans to swallow, but the staff will be trying extremely hard to change his mind.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quin Blanding the five star safety!

The highly watched safety has finally narrowed down his college choice to ten. Can anyone take a guess which university has made his final options? If you guess Clemson, you would be right! The 6'2, almost 200 lbs. safety from Virginia has had numerous offers from schools across the nation. Clemson is going to have a difficult job trying to beat out the other nine schools for the right to have him in spring practice. Some of the other schools recruiting the player include; UNC, Florida, Florida State, and Ohio State. If Blanding does become a Tiger, it will be a huge asset to the Clemson secondary.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scott Pagano. Another defensive recruit

Scott Pagano committed to play for Clemson in August. He will add yet another 4 star recruit for the Clemson Tigers, and also another star defensive lineman to the team. This young man will be apart of the highly recruited defensive team that will hopefully lead Clemson to having a stronger defense. The 6'3, 280 lbs players picked Clemson over LSU and Alabama. When asked why he only stated that felt comfortable at the school (anyone see a trend?). With Clemson having some of the top recruits, this class is going to be one of the most closely watched freshman classe in the nation.
Thankfully it seems like Dabo's recruiting staff is staring to focus on improving their defensive struggles. If they are able to secure a top defensive squad, the Tiger will be unstoppable next year on the gridiron.

P.S. Picture courtesy of Sweet Carolina Design & Photo

2012 Recruiting Rankings No. 16: Clemson Tigers |

2012 Recruiting Rankings No. 16: Clemson Tigers | 
A little old, but still a great article on the 2012 recruiting! Gives some amazing information on early enrollments. Some positions that will be lacking next year, and some of the top recruits! Go check it out all you Tigers!

Monday, November 5, 2012

What Clemson has, needs, and did. Duke recap.

With the Duke game in the record books, we can look back at what Clemson should focus on recruiting, what Clemson already has, and how amazing they did. Well as any Clemson Tiger fan knows, the one thing we have is Wide Receivers. The last two years, the Tigers have had some of the best receivers in the league. In the Duke game, "Nuke" had three his first three receptions. Sammy had 98 yards and a touchdown. These clues lead us to believe Clemson is obviously a offensive team (Duh!), which is why the recruiting staff should focus heavily on the defensive side of the ball.
While the Tiger defensive looked above average on Saturday, I would say that was more of a Duke lack of offense. Through the season we have watched countless offenses get behind our linebackers catching a long pass for a touchdown. Even Duke was no exception to the rule. This should be one of the coaches and recruiting staffs primary concerns. Without a semi-decent defensive, Clemson will never be able to run with the big dogs.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Lady of Good Counsel High School is producing another recruit!

The MD high school has provided college football with several good players in the past, and now Clemson has committed one of their players. Dorian O'Daniel has given a commitment to the Tiger's to come join them for the next season. The senior plays both running back and linebacker, and excels at both positions. With almost 140 rushing yards a game and averaging 4 tackles a game, this 6'2 football player has quite an impact on the field.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clemson in the fight for another top recruit

Montravius Adams says he has narrowed down his college choices down to five final top choice, and it just so happens that Clemson is one of them. The other four of his top choices are Alabama (obviously!), Florida Gators, Auburn (The other "tigers"), And Georgia Bulldogs. Adams has had offers from 20 other universities. Several experts are saying that Alabama is the most obvious choice for the 6'4, 310 lbs. defensive lineman, but he has not officially made a decision yet. The big advantage that Clemson has, is the fact that have already committed the number one pick for next season. This young defensive star would be a great addition to the Tiger's line, hopefully Dabo will be able to charm this young man into joining the Clemson family.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Where do recruits come from?

I'm sure you've been sitting around watching college football and thought to yourself, "Where do the coaches find these guys?" There are numerous ways a coach or recruitment staff can discover a young player. Through local high schools, word-of-mouth, or junior colleges. But for Clemson, Dabo refuses to recruit any player from a junior college. But unfortunately Clemson administration has strict rules on transfer players. With any type of junior college player, they must be able to transfer in a certain amount of hours into a degree to make them eligible . Many people have assumed that Dabo will not recruit these types of players, but his lack of junior college players is actually a restriction put in place by the administration, not on Dabo's personal preference.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Invterview with Demarcus Robinson

TigerNet got to have a personal chat with the Georgia Wide Receiver and find out more about the Clemson Recruit! Asking him what he wants from college, to what superpower he would like to have, and even who his dream date would be. Now all you Tiger fans, go check it out!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jae'Lon Oglesby

Jae'Lon Oglesby a high school junior from Daniel High school (just a few short miles from Clemson University), helped lead his team in a huge victory. In a recent title game Oglesby rushed for 380 yards, which contributed to his overall 2000 yards for the season. This 2014 commit still has one year to go before he will be running down the hill, but he has already expressed extreme interest in wearing orange every Saturday. This young man will be a great addition to the Tiger's offense, but unfortunately, as we have seen all season, the offense is not something Clemson struggles with. It's the defense.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Elijah Daniel Uncommitted ... maybe?

Elijah Daniel the top Defensive End recruit for Clemson, may have uncommitted from attending Clemson University. He sent out a Tweet on October 20, saying that Clemson "Did not feel right", and also that his family didn't think so tho either. When questioned about the tweet, (which is now deleted) Elijah says that his account was "hacked", but it is well known that Ole Miss was trying very hard to try and have him commit. If these two events are connected, only time will be able to tell.

High School Junior Gaining Attention of Clemson

Kwamelle Barnes, a high school junior from Saluda, SC, has quickly been gaining recognition from several recruiting staffs. The 6'4, 280 lbs., with a size 17 shoes, this defensive and offensive lineman is beginning to make quite a stir within the Clemson Tiger's recruiting team. While he is only a junior in high school, it is never too early to start taking offers on star looking prospects. Barnes believes his first offer to a school should be coming soon. He says that he has interests in several different schools right now, but has not visited any yet.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Recruiting article

While browsing through the local newspaper's archives I happened across a informational article dealing with Clemson recruiting. While the article is a couple of months old, there is still some great information in there, with a couple of quotes from Dabo about his recruiting style and some things that should be expected. Head on over and check it out!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Peach County's Wide Reciever

Any Clemson fan would know that one thing Dabo does not lack is wide receivers, but Clemson is trying to take hold of yet another star receiver. The Tiger's are a strong offensive team, with several leading receivers, and hopefully will have another in the next season. The recruiting staff has committed Demarcus Robinson from Peach County, Georgia. The 6'3 football player has over 400 yards receiving in this season with an average of over 100 yards per a game.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

TigerNet, another great way to stay connected

If your like me and can't get enough of Clemson Tiger info, then you should hop on over to TigerNet. They have a lot of great information with all things Clemson Tiger related. You can become a member and help start sharing your love for Death Valley.

Elijah Daniel Highlights

Elijah Daniel, a strong-side defensive end from Indiana, has been recruited to play for Clemson University. Daniel is just one of the numerous defensive players that Clemson has recruited for the next season. The 6-4, 250 lbs. recruit has been committed to Clemson since June, but some people still think that he might end up at LSU or Florida, but Clemson is doing everything in their power to keep him a Tiger.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Robert Nkemdiche and .... his mother

Robert Nkemdiche, the top defensive end from Georgia, has been committed to play for Clemson for a couple months now, but unfortunately his mother is still not happy about the decision. Robert says that Ole Miss is still a strong contender in his college decision, which would make his mother happy. Ole Miss is also where Robert's brother is a red shirt freshman. Only time will tell on who gets to make his college decision. Him or his mother.
For more info on the Nkemdiche legacy, here is a great article of the on-going drama of his recruitment process. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top Recruits of the upcoming freshman class

We might only be half way though the football season, but a lot of people are already looking ahead to the next year's freshman football class. With several games under each team's belts, it's starting to become clear what positions will need to be filled or improved for the next year. There are numerous amounts of blogs and experts out there who have named their top 15 recruits for the High School class of 2013 and while nobody will ever agree, there are several must see players. Rant Sports does a great job of outlining some key High Schoolers that will have a heavy impact on the college gridiron next year.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Clemson Recruiting Needs

With the top defensive end in the nation committed to join the Tiger club, Dabo can now focus on finding some great players for the other areas that are lacking. The Bleacher Report did a great job in creating an overall look at which players will be essential for the recruiting staff at Clemson to focus on over the next few months.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Defensive Back coming to Clemson

Jayron Kearse, a defensive back out of south Florida, has verbally committed to play at Clemson. This 6'4, 195 lbs. player is graduating from the same school as Sammy Watkins. Jayron verbally committed over the phone to Dabo a few months ago and still plans to attend the South Carolina school next year. At his High School in Florida, he has put up 600 yards as a running back, but Clemson is concerned with his tackles at the Defensive Back position. With Clemson's lack-luster defensive stats, any star recruits will be greatly welcomed in Death Valley.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shakin the SouthLand

For all of you who can't get enough of your Clemson Tigers, I found a great blog to help you keep up with everything that is Clemson Tiger related!

Bulldog to visit the Tigers

Tramel Terry, the high-school from Berkley, S.C., plans to visit Clemson over the weekend. Although the wide receiver has already committed to play for Georgie, he has reopened his recruiting to contemplate Clemson and Gamecocks. The 6 foot 190 lbs. receiver says he still plans to be a bulldog in the next season, but who knows what the visit to beautiful Clemson S.C. can change.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Watkins Returns!

Sammy Watkins, one of the Tigers leading players, will return this week to play against Georgia Tech. Watkins missed last weeks game due to an abdominal virus. Dabo says that Sammy got plenty of rest and should be 100% for the big game on Saturday. 

Robert Nkemdiche

A senior from a high school in Georgia is one of the most looked at players of the 2013 class. Playing at Strong-Side Defensive End, this 6-4, 275 lbs is a huge presence on the field. While he has offers from numerous schools, and has visited many of them, Robert has committed to be a Tiger!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Former Clemson Player Jersey Retired

Brian Dawkins, a Clemson safety of '95, will have his Jersey retired today from the Philadelphia Eagles team. It is a huge honor for him and the Clemson players that played along side of him.

Clemson players, where are they now?

With the skill of football players that Clemson produces, there has been quite a large number that continue on the the NFL, here is a list of the last couple of years of players.

Clemson Recruiting

The Clemson Tigers are having a good year so far (3-1), but it's never too early to begin thinking about the next season, and it looks even better. Clemson has some of the top prospects looking to join the Tiger team. With some big defense linemen, a couple linebackers, and a wide receiver or two, next year looks to be promising already.

Tiger Talk

The Tiger Talk blog will consist of Clemson Tiger related material. Mostly I will be posting recruiting information, coaching information, and a little general stuff about The Clemson Tigers. If you like what you read, please come back again or leave a comment!