Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Honor of Veteran's Day.

In honor of Veteran's Day. Here are two videos of a Clemson Player, who is also a war Veteran. Daniel Rodriguez, who was serving in Iraq when he decided he want to go back to college and be a football player.
This is the story of the brave soldier that decided he wanted to become a Tiger. Very inspirational story for anyone who hasn't heard it. All of the Tiger players and fans are very proud of this young man.

To all of you Veteran's, Thank you.

This is Daniel at the beginning of the Virgina Tech game, which was also Military appreciation day, as he is about to lead the Tigers down the hill. Which is a dream come true for him. These few seconds are some of the most exciting and emotional you will ever see on The Hill.

Neither of these videos belong or were made by me. Obviously.

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