Friday, December 28, 2012

Few days away

The big bowl game is almost here! With the big Tiger showdown only a few days away, I'm starting to hear a lot of smack talk coming from the LSU fans. While I will be the first to admit it is going to be a tough game for Clemson, I wouldn't say we are out of the game just yet. The LSU team has already began assuming they are going to win this game hands down, but as we know as Tiger fans, we can do some amazing things with are backs against the wall.
Dabo has hopefully been improving the offensive line that we saw in the game that will not be mentioned at the end of the season. If the offensive line has shaped up and can hold off the impressive LSU defense and give Boyd enough time to hit his open receivers, then the Tigers might just come home with a bowl victory. I know that I would love to see us bring home a great post-season victory and show the nation that we are National championship material.

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